Will Legion gaming laptop work well for photo editing?

I'm in need of a new laptop for photo editing, but since I also play games, and both gaming and photography require a computer with fast CPU, beefy RAM, and high-end dedicated graphics card, I'm hoping to get a laptop that will work for both. Are there any gamers who also do photography, produce videos, or create other graphic arts, and have used a Legion laptop for that as well as gaming?  If so, how has your experience been?  Would you recommend getting one device to do everything, or would you recommend separate devices?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

  • Legion laptops absolutely can do all these kinds of tasks just fine performance wise and look more clean and professional in public environments. It’s not necessary to have separate devices for these tasks in my opinion. I use a Legion 5i 2021 model with an i5 11400h and RTX3050 and it certainly can do video editing in Davinci Resolve without any hitches. Gaming wise though my model admittedly doesn’t have enough VRAM for certain modern games with only 4gb. Laptops of today however have improved further, they are closer to desktops than ever with even the RTX 4060 laptop being essentially equivalent to its desktop counterpart in performance. CPUs have also come far since my laptops generation with more cores and higher clocks. Even current lower tier Legions in gen 8 or gen 9 with i5 13th or 14th gen and a 4050 (6gb of VRAM) should work smoothly for you in all these tasks at 1440p. Though if you also intend to play modern AAA games I would suggest at least the 4060.

    The thing to consider is what resolution you video edit at to determine specs and how much you value color accuracy in the laptop display for your work. Youtube channels like JarrodsTech and Ben G Kaiser can show the tested color accuracy and more if you need all the details.

  • A high-end Legion should be able to handle both tasks without any problems. If getting a laptop, you just might want to consider maxing out your SSD size though as space can quickly fill up if you're doing both gaming and graphic work. I wish I would have gotten a second drive when I got my Legion laptop. I'll probably end up adding one soon though.

  • Thank you for your informative input, Ernst F.  Good point that while both photography and gaming can share the same hardware, photography does have a higher display requirement for color accuracy, resolution, and brightness. I'll keep that in mind as I shop. Thanks!

  • Thank you, Richie, for your response. A large data storage capacity is a must-have, as both gaming and photography can use up a lot of storage quickly!  I'll add 2 SSDs to the list of required specs. Relaxed