All Legion Wallpapers

Does anyone have a list of Lenovo Wallpapers posted here? It takes a while to scroll through them, as I wasn't able to login for a while and missed a few.

  • Even better if someone has a folder of all of them, they could share if that is allowed.

  • If someone "official" tells me it's OK to share, I think I have a complete collection...

  • why wouldn't it be?  they were posted here for any member to use?

  • I don't however anyone that has them should share.  After all, they were offered here for members to use.

  • Nope sorry.   Erik B. seems to be a good go-to.

  • I wish I had that list also, but must agree that it must be Okay'd by you know who before they post it, don't want any trouble.

  • Do a search for "wallpaper Wednesday"

  • Did you search the forums for Wallpaper Wednesday?  The posts are probably still up.  Should be able to find them.

  • Here they are:

    Not sure if it's a complete list, but it's a start. 

  • Hey Michael - Thanks for the convenient link to any wallpapers I may have missed! And thanks for the original post - I didn't realize that I too was looking for a resource like this.