Console exclusive games you wish were on PC?

For me, the list would include a lot of first party Nintendo titles. Although I do understand the business reasons why they keep them exclusive. 

  • I would want Bloodborne on PC just so I have a reason to play it again. 

  • Definitely a lot of Nintendo titles. I have a Switch, but it would be nice to also be able to play a lot of their games on a PC as well. 

  • OMG... that's a great question with SEVERAL for me to list... but here goes.

    • Bloodborne
    • Ghost of Tsushima
    • Last of Us Part II
    • Motorstorm (The entire series)
    • Red Dead Redemption 1 and Undead Nightmare
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    • The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
    • The Legend of Zelda: Age of Calamity
    • Animal Crossing - YES Animal Crossing
    • Cooking Mama - I'm not joking... 

    I realize many of these games, (Motorstorm, Red Dead Redemption, and the Legend of Zelda series can be played with emulators RPCS3, Xenia, and Yuzu, however native PC versions would be easier than purchasing an exclusive game, backing it up, then playing on an emulator or playing the waiting game, hoping it comes to PC.

    I'm still shocked Rockstar brought Red Dead Redemption to the Nintendo Switch before releasing it on PC as a remaster.

    Which first party Nintendo titles would you like to see on the PC? As for me I don't understand why Nintendo doesn't release some titles on the PC eventually for a couple of reasons.

    • It would cut down on those who sail the 7 seas for Nintendo ROMS. 
    • All of their systems after the 3DS and Wii were sold at close to no profit or at a loss, most of the money was made from the games. A wider audience (PC) would provide additional profits.

    If Nintendo did something of this nature a PC release could be 1 - 3 years after it launches on their console. And the resurgence in the media would garner additional profit from an audience who don't own the system. I honestly believe if Breath of the Wild was released as a remaster PC version as a reasonably priced ($29.99) digital download it would be a hot seller.

  • Zelda please! 

    If not on steam, I would be ok if Nintendo just made their own launcher so they didn't have to share royalties to Valve. 

  • Not listing Nintendo games on here because I think modern Zelda is boring compared to all of the open world games available (yes I played and loved the old ones) and Mario/Luigi's mansion are way more fun on a big tv with couch co-op. So here are mine:

    • Ghost of Tsushima
    • Rise of Ronin (upcoming)
    • Bloodborne (just so I have an idea of what people are obsessed with. Probably a bust for my particular tastes)
  • Hopefully Nintendo joins the bandwagon in the future! 

  • Smash Ultimate and Mario Kart 8, as well as any future iterations of these two titles. It’s pretty upsetting that I have to buy a device solely to play my two favorite Nintendo titles and brings another subscription to the list just to play them with friends. Considering these two are currently the only games I have on my Switch, it is a bit hard to justify it.

  • Everyone be saying Zelda and me too, I just want options

  • ghost of tsushima is the only game i would pay full price for right now easily.  Been wanting to play this game since launch but im not going to drop 500 just for this game, been waiting ever since.

  • I definitely agree with everyone saying Bloodborne. After beating Elden Ring, I've wanted to go through all of the Souls games, but its frustrating that this one entry is limited to PS.