When a hyped game nears release that you know you will play, how do you spend your money to "celebrate" the hype?

With some game announcements, some of their collector editions get almost immediately sold out. 

As an example with Final Fantasy rebirth, are you the type of gamer that buys the most expensive edition for the games you've most invested in? 

Do you also buy the limited merch? Other collectibles? The exclusive physical music?

Or do you wait for deals/sale and wait for the hype to die down abit? (Maybe due to a excessive backlog)

  • Use money on pre-order bonuses.

  • If its a game I love I will pay more for extras that I will use. I do not buy physical merchandise though.

  • I been deposited so many times about new games, that I usually wait for reviews and criticism about the game before I purchase. I usually like to buy the ultimate or the deluxe edition because you get more out of them. I am always looking for specials. It is rare, but occasionally I might buy a new game before release (pre-order), but i have to have real reason to back up that action. Like Tom Clancy's games, I know I like them.

  • I very rarely <2% buy a game new. If I do it's probably some I really want to play, know I'll want to play before the next major sale could be expected, or some early access title my friend group decided to play.

    In all of those cases, I'm 99.999% likely to just buy the game. If I buy merch, it'll probably be well after buying and playing the game. Basically never at the same time.

    In general, I'll just wait for a decent sale.

  • I made the mistake of being too enthusiastic in 2006 by buying Windows Vista Ultimate in preparation for Hellgate London for which I bought a lifetime subscription. Suffice to say neither of those decisions worked in my favour. Nowadays I run Linux for free and wait abit and eventually enjoy the deluxe or GOTY edition. Cheers!

  • I missed out on getting the FF7 Rebirth CE by about a minute. Though after playing for a bit, I’m kind of glad Upside down

  • I just purchase the base game and the DLC (if it's already out), even though I would like to buy some deluxe edition just once in my life, I only got money to spend for the least amount.

  • I am almost always on the sales side. The only exception is limited edition physical goods that come with releases. Nintendo does this really well. The Tales of series also used to have some good launch goods (like action figures), but they were way too expensive. 

  • I no longer pre-order games. I have no faith in a game's initial quality so I rather wait for the first impressions before buying. If the game has a good reception and has a decent-looking collector's edition I will buy the most expensive option. 

  • I don't pre order anything these days for multiple reasons so I wait for a sale or buy them years down the line if the game wasn't as interesting as I thought it would be. Like I waited it for Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth and got it for a steal last week. At this point I just wait and get games later because that extra cash I got left over from not spending $70 can go to another game I want on sale.