What item under $25 USD made the biggest impact on your gaming?

It's easy to talk about how some rather expensive items can make big impacts on your gaming space or experience, but what about the smaller items? For me it's probably my XXXL desk pad or the monitor arm mount for my laptop.

  • A $20 charging holder for my Playstation contollers. It is so nice just to sit them in it rather than use the cords.

  • I love the 8bitdo adapter that allows me to use an XBOX controller with my Switch. I also love a good mouse mat. It makes a big difference when your mouse glides effortlessly. 

  • This is going to sound corny but I absolutely love my joystick extenders I got on Amazon for $8. They fit both my PS and XBox controllers. They are not Kontrol Freak but are much better in my opinion made from silicon that lip over the top of the joysticks. As someone who started gaming in the 80's on arcade machines and Atari and Nintendo joysticks (also had Nintendo gamepad back then), it feels more natural for my long fingers and really helps when I play shooters like Battlefield on console. I tend to prefer M&K on pc unless I am playing from my couch which I will use a controller. It is more of a comfort issue which does help when the direction of the joystick needs to be more precise but if you have shorter fingers it might not make as significant of a difference. My fingers overlap the default joystick height too much. They also have a better grip and get less sweaty in my experience and I have three different heights I can use and mix and match according to what genre of game I am playing. Highly recommend to anyone who feel the smaller shorter joysticks on their controller are awkward.

  • Agree on both points. My huge mouse pad and 2 dual monitor arms were just around that price on sale, and they are huge benefits on my gaming setups. Overall great low cost decisions. 

  • Mouse bungee for sure. Having no cable drag in intense situations helped me win more games.

  • I use a XBOX controller for some of my games on PC, one day I was out of money , but I found on Target the Power A controller for XBOX, in special at  around $25, that help me  a lot , I still have it and I still use it, even though I bough the original XBOX controller, it just works really good.

  • Would be my chilling mat for my computer. Has helped keep CPU temperature down.

  • I got a cheap butt pillow and man it feels so good to have some more support and cushion so that my butt and spine few better. Makes me feel better while I play AND when I walk around the rest of the day 

  • TV wall mounts for my monitors, plus a larger mousepad.  Individually all under $25, but having a small desk the space is at a premium.  So getting stands off the desk and then utilizing the space for mouse was paramount. No more running the mouse into the legs of the monitor stands.

  • I'd say a keyboard/mouse pad combo, for super slick dresser/desk that keeps my whole set up sliding around and stuff otherwise, lol.