What item under $25 USD made the biggest impact on your gaming?

It's easy to talk about how some rather expensive items can make big impacts on your gaming space or experience, but what about the smaller items? For me it's probably my XXXL desk pad or the monitor arm mount for my laptop.

  • My vertical mouse I got on Amazon. I haven't had wrist pain while playing on pc in years. Best money I've ever spent.

  • My Fellowes gel mousepad, but it was $26.99...

  • Xxl good quality mousepad that covers my whole desk surface-game changer.

  • This is a great list of impactful items! Many I had not thought of - much appreciated! Time to get shopping!

  • Silent keyboard, hands down

  • Defiantly the monitor mount having the most impact with game play.

  • Laptop stand w/fan.  Got a relatively cheap one but the fan configuration matches my laptops intake perfectly.  It’s probably the only reason my laptop can function without shutting off due to overheating (and yes, I’ve had it serviced.  It’s just old and it’s toast).

  • Mine woould have to be a KVM switch which I call The Dual-Identity Cloak: By day, you’re a diligent spreadsheet sorcerer, balancing budgets and taming data dragons. But come twilight, you don your +10 Gamer Hoodie, and the KVM switch whispers, “Fear not, weary warrior. Your gaming rig awaits.” It’s like having a secret identity—Clark Kent by day, Geralt of Rivia by night.

    The one I use is listed here: www.amazon.ca/.../ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title

  • An SSD, they are seriously that cheap. I just looked and saw a 250 GB one for $19.99. Easily the part that had the most noticeable impact on computer performance.

  • Deskmat made a huge difference, my whole desk is covered so for one it made it easier to rest my arms and use my mouse more efficiently.  And aestheticly it made my setup look more better.