Fanatical Changes the Way They Handle Their Build Your Own Bundles

Fanatical just announced they're changing the way they handle the pricing of tiers for their Build Your Own Bundles.

Previously with their Build Your Own Bundles, you had to struggle hitting specific tiers for the best prices. If you wanted only 4 games and your tier choices were 3/5/10, you would always have to choose between going one under by not getting one of the games you wanted, adding another game that you didn't really want to hit the better pricing tier, or having to pay full price for that 4th game.

With the new change, as you add games to your bundle, the price goes up at the price-per-game you have qualified for based on the latest tier you hit. So using the previous example, if you have 4 games in a 3/5/10-tiered bundle, you'll still be eligible to buy your 4th game without having to pay full price. Instead, the current price you're eligible for per game will be added (so if it's 3 games for $2.99, it's $0.99 per game until you hit the next discounted pricing tier).

This also means that you can now add every item in a bundle and qualify for the highest tier's discount for each of the games rather than be forced to buy multiple bundles. The only requirement for Build Your Own Bundles moving forward is to meet the minimum number of games on the first tier, and from there, you can add as many games as you want.

This change has already been applied to all currently available Build Your Own Bundles.

Personally, I love the change as I've had to leave many games on the table in the past or had to buy some extra games I wasn't really interested in to achieve the best prices.

What do you think of the change? Will it affect how you purchase games from Fanatical?

  • This sounds like an amazing change! It allows people to have more freedom to choose what they want and save more money, It will affect how I purchase games on Fanatical as I would run into the issues stated above.

  • I'm really looking forward to their next Quest VR bundle since I won't have to miss any games if I go over the max tier now.

  • It's definitely increased the odds I might pick something up. I'm very to buy a bunch of games I don't want and further clutter up my library just to get a decent discount on the 2 games I do want.