Tech and Gadget for PC

What tech or gadget you use on your PC, that is an extra, that you love or like?

Like I have TV Tuner on my PC, I don’t like watching TV, but occasionally it might be something good on TV, and I like to record so I don’t miss it.

I have a Gadget that let me use old controllers, when I am playing classic games.

  • I have cameras, microphone and speakers those are more typical gadgets. I have an external hard drive reader that is an extra.

  • I love my Sennheiser headphones. They are cheaper, but they always put out the best sound.

  • I really like how keyboard and mouse revolutionized FPS and TPS. 

  • For about a year or so now I have been using a Steelseries Keyboard and Steelseries Mouse and they really are phenomenal devices. Outside of that I recently picked up a Elgato Stream deck. I look forward to hooking it up soon to play around with.

  • I only have a laptop, but I have a really nice webcam that was gifted to me. I've used it (attached to the top of my laptop) for like 4 years, and it just does the job for both college Zoom sessions as well as gaming/discord video chats.

  • Kinda hard to answer haha, I would go either by audio setup as I can get more immersed in gaming or when hearing to music, or my USB hub because if it weren't for it, I could not use my other gadgets! :p

  • One gadget that I have is an audio interface, it allows me to connect sound monitors and instruments into my laptop for playing / recording purposes.

  • How do you record things? Is it OBS? A program that comes with the device? I can't record much with OBS and I think it might be DRM'ed or whatever. Just a black screen wi th   s kip py   a udi  o. Very annoying. I will have to look into this. And it all gets stored on whatever hard drive you choose?

  • I guess I have two favorites - USB / MIDI keyboard & controllers and my old 12" x 12" Wacom graphics tablet (it doesn't have a display in it). I have the TV & HDTV tuners, analog & digital video recording cards, high-end sounds cards, a few older wireless keyboards with mouse controllers for PC Home Theatre, a gizmo that can stream display output through the electric wiring in the house, an infrared remote to control media playback, etc., etc. - I've helped fund the future of computing for the current generation Joy 

  • An Oculus Rift S is my extra tech that I use with my laptop and have got it working on my Legion Go also.

    the oldest peripheral I have is an USB 3.5” floppy drive. It should still work, but I haven’t used it in a long time.