Tech and Gadget for PC

What tech or gadget you use on your PC, that is an extra, that you love or like?

Like I have TV Tuner on my PC, I don’t like watching TV, but occasionally it might be something good on TV, and I like to record so I don’t miss it.

I have a Gadget that let me use old controllers, when I am playing classic games.

  • I have a camera connected to raspberry pi and it can be connected to a Samsung flat screen TV.

  • I just started using a second monitor, and oh my god is it a game changer. I see now why ppl want so many monitors. Why manage your apps to jigsaw to fit onto one screen when you can have a second one all to the pages self? It’s so great for managing tasks and working between different apps like emails and reading documents and taking notes 


    Have you tried playing around with the capture settings on OBS?

    I cannot provide much advice at all.  I barely use OBS.  But, when I do — the results are pretty good.

    Remember that KITH-clip I shared with you?  That was captured with OBS — then trimmed with HandBrake.¹

    If you want me to send you screenshots of my OBS settings, lmk.

    ¹ I could have (probably) downloaded the whole episode with yt-dlp (a better fork of youtube-dl), but I must give it my streaming-service credentials (or a session-token).  And I don't trust download-tools with either.

  • That might be it. Have you tried it with multiple services? I seem to always get black screened with video or screenshots. Have not tried more than 5 times total or screwed around in settings.


    Well... I don't use it anymore.  I bought it 22 years ago.  It only has VGA in/out.  But, I loved my 4-port KVM-switch.

    • For the first 5 years, I had 3–4 PCs switching to the same keyboard, monitor, and mouse.  Completely de-cluttered my home office.
    • In 2007, I had 3 PCs switching to all 3 peripherals, plus my PS3 switching to the just the keyboard and mouse.
    • In 2008, I got a Mac mini and mothballed the oldest PC (a ThinkPad T20).  Like the PS3, the Mac mini didn't have a VGA-out (DVI-out only).  So, that was my 2nd K-M device.

    Once I stopped using the other 2 PCs on the KVM-switch, I stopped using the switch (circa 2012).  But, I got 10 years of use before I packed it in a box — along with all the USB B-to-A cables and VGA cables I no longer needed.  Why keep all that?

    Hey... it might come in handy if I ever de-mothball my ≥22-year-old PCs.

    After all, I still use the (2004) Sony SDM-S204 20.1" 1600x1200 85Hz LCD Monitor — with a DVI-to-Thunderbolt adapter.  And it still looks great.  Any time I want to use my MacBook Air, I also use that 20-year-old monitor.

    I only wish the (2015) MacBook Air's built-in display lasted 1/20th as long.  It lasted almost a full year.  The built-in display failed on day 364 of Apple's 1-year (BS) warranty.  It never left my house — as pristine as day 1, at the time of the failure (Summer 2016).

    Did Apple accept my warranty-claim?

    [Flock] no!  But, they offered to [relieve me of] another $675 — to repair their defective POS — after [relieving me of] over $1,700, just a year earlier.  Apple is anti right-to-repair.  They're not anti-repair.  Apple gets much of their revenue from repair.  Especially, with the "user-inflicted damage" warranty-claim escape-clause.  Just declare all damage to be "user-inflicted" — and presto!  Another $675 in revenue.

    I declined Apple's offer.

    But... I promised Apple I would never buy one of their (BS) products again.  And a man is only as good as his word.

    What would Apple think of me... if I go back on my promise? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lol


    Never mind.  I just remembered... OBS blocks DRM-content — on Windows (and macOS).

    "Perhaps sir would like to order something from the Linux-distro menu?" :-)

    I can screen-record anything I want.  But, I never do.  If I don't own it, I don't screen-record it.¹

    ¹ Unless I have a dire emergency — like not finding the clip I want on YouTube. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Yes,  two monitors at a minimum or one of those extra wide format ones:

    • 32:9 aspect ratio: 3840×1080, 5120×1440, 7680×2160
    • 21:9 aspect ratio: 3840×1600, 5120×2160
  • I had a KVM like the one you described for many years. It is good that you are keeping that old tech around. There are tech items that I have let slip away over the years.

    I regret not keeping a good Samsung 1080P Plasma TV. In the heat of the moment during my last divorce I grabbed the Samsung LCD instead. Both were old Tvs with A/V, composite, VGA, and HDMI inputs. Great for running old tech on.

    i do still have my prize possession of accessories. An 18” Dell LCD monitor I purchased in 2003 with my tax return. That beauty set me back $800+. It has DVI-D, VGA, a super video, and regular RCA style video input on it. I keep it around as the mother of backwards compatibility.

  • That's good to know. A solid answer. I don't mean record a whole show, as much as making gifs and screenshots  from HBO or whatever. I don't want to rely on the kindness of strangers anymore. I am an adult with specific needs that are often not met by the content currently available. Guess I will have to screw around on Linux like the cool nerds.

  • Yes I use OBS for recording my screen, but not for live TV. I use WinTV it has it own software and Yes you chose where in you hard drive. If you get a black screen is usually two reasons comparability issue or missing drivers.