How did your favorite game franchise end up?

I’ve been a big gamer for over 20 years and I’ve seen the rise and fall of many game franchises, both ones I loved and didn’t care for. 

a few of them (that have fallen) for me are franchises like Halo, Call of Duty, Kingdom Hearts, and Fortnite (rip Save the World).

how did some of your favorite franchises die (to you), and do you still play them anyways?

a franchise that I’ve loved that stood the test of time is God of War and Final Fantasy 14. If you’re looking for a franchise that won’t let you down, either of those 2 have been so caring of the player and the legacy of the franchise, making improvements and great effort in the stories they tell. GoD being a series of multiple action games, and FF14 being a MMO that’s been improving for over 10 years. 

Do you have a franchise that is still going strong that you’d recommend following? 

  • I think the Witcher series is still solid with new content coming soon.

  • Halo is now a series in Season 2.  That reminds me, I am two episodes behind and need to catch up.

  • Mass Effect was epic at the start, and I guess not bad at the end.  Diablo once great, like the company that made it has slowly deteriorated to a playable mess.

  • I think Civilization is still going strong, I played a lot of 6, more than I did 5 which was my favorite.  I'm thinking we get a new civ in the next year or two.  I recommend everyone tries civ 6.

  • I love the Doom franchise but felt like Doom 3 was impressive graphically at the time but the action was not as fun and addictive. I came back to Doom with Doom Eternal and I feel that it’s amazing. The level design, the weapons, and the action all feels great with a lot of replayability. 

  • Armored Core and I still play some time.

  • I didn't have access to GTA when I was little because I chose Xbox (360). The alternatives were Saints Row and Crackdown. Both were great at the time and since then, more games have been released for both franchises. But after their latest releases, there's a chance that they've reached the end of the road. Disappointed I still play some of the previous Saints Row games though.

    For the ones that are still alive and kicking, I enjoyed The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion & Skyrim. ESO is doing great. Apparently, another one might come out but it will be far in the future. Gears of War was another one I enjoyed. I have not played it in a while but there seems to be plans for a 6th game to come out in 2026.

  • Well, much of my childhood was spent with the campy, janky goodness of Armored Core, which finally got a new entry with AC6. I don't have the hardware to play it atm, but I'm happy nonetheless. Though I do wish they had really updated it in some different ways.

  • Whether it's The Ultimate Doom, it's sequel DOOM II: Hell on Earth or DOOM 2016 or its direct sequel DOOM Eternal, id Software's DOOM franchise has never let me down save for both the DOOM movies based on the original games developed by ID Software. 

    Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the Duke Nukem franchise since it's last game (Duke Nukem Forever) was somewhat a disappointment to me due to the character Duke Nukem was only limited to carrying up to 3 different weapon types + a limited amount of ammo for each, and if your carrying the wrong weapon types or just runs out of ammo to fight a boss, your game character is good as dead. Not only all this, but DNF also limits saves to the start of a level with no saved game loadability except from the main menu which to me is completely and utterly stupid.

  • CS and it seems pretty good right now.