What's your opinion on games today

Do you think games are getting worse, ou're getting older and don't care as much or do you still enjoy the newer games? do you prefer indie games over AAA games?

Every game follows a formula, with slight variations in story, art, or gameplay. Once you’ve played a dozen FPS or RPG games, they start losing their novelty. What games have brought you back into gaming?

  • I am still interested in and want to play new games, but having a young one makes things difficult. 

  • I don't think games are getting worse. You can find many good games on the market. The problem is having too many games which makes it harder to remember to play good gems that come along .

  • This is how I feel exactly. Since I have a PS Plus catalog there are a lot of games that I can play, which makes it hard to choose what games are "hidden gems" and the ever-increasing backlog that comes with wanting to play several games.