Aside from gaming, What types of media do you regularly consume?

While gaming is certainly the media collection I have the most of, I'm also a big collector of other types of media - I have a sizeable movie collection, tons of CDs and vinyl records, hundreds of comic books, and a giant bookcase full of novels. If I were to count them all in my backlog, I'd have to have at least two more lifetimes to try and get through them all.

So...what media do you like to collect?

  • I collect horror, fantasy, and children books. I finish reading at least one book a day now so my collection has gotten a little out of hand. 

  • I collect a lot of manga from time to time. I try to limit how much I buy at a time because of how much space on my shelf is already filled with lol.

  • My wife and I are in the aerospace industry and we collect the launch coins from each launch. Not media, but that's our connection lol

  • I really like watching movies!

  • I like to consume music, but collecting, not so much.

  • listening to music

  • When not gaming I am an avid movie and show watcher. Try to keep up to date on all the last happenings on that front 

  • I collect sports memorabilia.

  • Actual physical collection, mostly books. Though recent Star Trek novels have been kindle purchases, because they are the big paperbacks/hardcovers and I just don't have room for those.

    Aside from that, I watch a lot of stuff on streaming. Currently on a bit of a WWII show/movie binge, recently rewatched Band of Brothers, currently watching Masters of The Air, and The New Look, among others.