I want to hear what the community has to say.

Tell me any story, or tell me joke, or tell me anything you think is good to know.

I want to hear what the community has to say.

  • A gamer was on a legendary quest, about to defeat the final boss. With a triumphant yell, he unleashed his ultimate attack... only to realize his mic was muted. The dragon boss just stared at him, confused, while his teammates spammed the chat with laughing emojis.

  • Honey Never Spoils: Archaeologists have discovered pots of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs that are over 3,000 years old, and the honey is still edible. The natural preservatives in honey, such as low water content and high acidity, prevent spoilage.

  • presentation is half the battle.. go get um

  • Dogs are the best humans. I said what I said.


  • In a spot of good news, after decades of dithering the US has finally officially banned asbestos (mostly).

    In their defense, between bureaucracy and industry lobbying, they were doing asbestos they could.

  • Playing games is never a waste of time, as long as you’re playing responsibly and still complete other tasks. It’s okay to enjoy life and games makes life less unbearable.

  • Lenovo legion is awesome 

  • a man ran up hill to fetch some water only to find it had run down hill.. hahaha

  • The last time to guillotine was used was when Star Wars was out.