GTA Discussion

Remasters of Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 were reportedly in the works, but Rockstar Games shelved both projects to focus on GTA 6
That was a pretty bold move on Rockstar's part. That must mean only one thing GTA 6 is going to be something very special.  

Me on GTA waiting for my 5 Star's  to disappear when GTA 6 drops. 

  • GTA 4 is my favorite GTA game

  • As a young adult, I just hope they'll release a new GTA while I'm in retirement.

  • Guess it's time to sell the kids so that I've got time to play...

  • I hope it is set in a different time period like the 70s. I like Vice City and San Andreas because they had personality.

  • Oh man, like I just played through RDR2 this year, and I regretted not playing RDR. They haven't brought RDR to PC at all have they?  If I can't get a remaster I will gladly play an old game.