Games like It Takes Two or Co-op Games to Recmoned

I played It Takes Two with my cusion and liked was woinding if there was any other games you would recomned or other co-op games you said that are worth checking out?

  • The "we were here" series is pretty good. Otherwise any of the escape room like games are a good time. Escape Academy has a stronger narrative, while Escape Simulator has user made rooms and has more replayability. Both require lots of coop and teamwork.

  • It depends on how old they are. The co-op games I played most recently were Resident Evil 6 and Kane and Lynch: Dog Days, but these are for older players.  Radiant Silvergun has co-op though and is one of the classic 2d sprite shooters of all time.

  • So my wife and I really like playing Mario-type games like Super Mario Wonder and Luigi's Mansion 3. But if you're playing co-op, consider maybe Baldur's Gate 3 or Deep Rock Galactic.

  • This is an old one but if you like co op shooters rainbow six Vegas 1 and 2 are great games 

  • Overcooked! All You Can Eat

  • If you like It Takes Two, I highly suggest the two games below.


    A remake is being developed as we speak with better graphics and gameplay

    No Way Out

    I would also recommend

    • Overcooked 1
    • Overcooked 2
    • Moving Out
    • Unravel 2
    • Little Nightmares 2

    as fun diversions for local co-op. Either way, you can't go wrong with any of these coop games.

  • "A Way Out" is an awesome co-op.   It is kind of like Uncharted but for 2.

  • Halo Master Chief Collection. I really enjoyed It Takes Two! Play A Way Out also. 

  • I'm going to second Unravel 2.

  • If you like action RPG's with heavy survival and exploration, try Outward. It's a bit rudimentary,  but it was put together by a tiny team a few years ago. Your decisions matter, some things arr time limited and make huge differences in the game. With all the DLC you get to choose between 4-5 factions to join, and those all have massive changes to the end game. Highly recommended,  and the magic system is unique enough.