Games like the Yakuza series

I recently played all the Yakuza/judgment games and I really enjoyed them. Do you have any suggestions for similar games?

  • The Yukusa series is so unique that there aren't really games like it. There is the Shenmue series, but this is just a straight downgrade from Yukuza. I wouldn't recommend you pay full price for this game since it's not worth the $30 price tag on Steam. Wait for it to be on sale for $5 or less since it really isn't that good. Other than this one maybe Sleeping Dogs. 

  • I am also looking for a similar game series to Yakuza lol. I just think Yakuza is just so unique in the sense that there aren't any similar games to it. 

  • You could try Mafia III, it's a bit similar

  • There is almost nothing like the Yakuza series. The Shenmue games, Shenmue 1 - 3 are the closest I know of, with 1 and 2 being the best in the series

    If you simply like the fighting aspect you could try Sifu

    Last but not least you if you REALLY love Yakuza, have you tried Yakuza Dead Souls?