Newbie Gamer

Since covid shutdown, I've become a gamer at 48 years old and I'm so hyped about becoming one.  Diablo 4 is my first real RGP game :-)

  • Welcome to the club! Skyrim is a must if you have never played. Hightly recommend checking out Elden Ring as well. Change of pace, I am a huge fan of Civilization VI!

  • Welcome aboard. It's a great, fun hobby. Love your enthusiasm. Age is no barrier.

  • Welcome! I’m turning 53 in May and I am a lifelong gamer ( whenever I find the time). I’m still digging in to D4 and I have started Pacific Drive and Baldur’s Gate 3. Such a great time to be a gamer!

  • There’s no age limit on fun  

  • Elder scrolls or fallout. Fallout 4 will pull you in and just eat hours of your free time. Skyrim is fantastic too but im old and always considered Morrowind as the best of the series. Its open world is unlike anything ive ever seen. Literally go anywhere and do anything, if you can figure it out

  • Congrats on your newest hobby. There's nothing wrong with starting gaming at 48 years old or even at 60. Gaming is relaxing, fun, and enjoyable. A long gaming session can be for relaxing than bingeing your favorite series on a streaming app because you control the experience.

     how are you enjoying Diablo 4? There are many other action RPGs on the horizon and current that you will enjoy. Within the first genre you've delved into, there are subgenres such as turn-based RPG, Open World RPG, and MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game). Games such as Baldur's Gate 3 (highly regarded as one of the best games of last year), a turn based RPG, made the world take notice of what a polished gaming experience should be. Games such as Skyrim, launched in 2012 as a fantastic open world RPG with all of it's modifications is to this date still played by many in 2024. Then there are a plethora of MMORPGs launched years ago like World of Warcraft and on the horizon that will have gamers playing for years to come.

    What I enjoy about gaming as a young 55 year old husband and father of adults is that the love of gaming spans generations and it can become awesome family fun. And no matter what you're into (Sports, Driving, Action, Fighting, Simulation, Exploration, Survival, Military, Strategy, Adventure, Story driven, or etc.) there is a game you'll love.

    Welcome to a fantastic hobby  

  • Diablo always was and will be, in my opinion, a great game to star with.

  • Welcome and I hope you enjoy it.

  • That is very cool!

    You should try Diablo 2!! 

    You might also like Baldur's Gate 3. 

    Game on!

  • I just got back again recently, too. I used to play video games but stopped for fifteen or so years and got back in because of Project Zomboid. It's kind of hard, but really fun, there's lots of videos on YouTube if you want to check it out. Diablo is awesome (haven't played the new one yet, though) and if you want a similar game, I'd recommend Grim Dawn. It has similar gameplay (lots of loot) and the same top-down isometric viewpoint that Diablo has. Grim Dawn plays well on my POS laptop and still looks pretty good. Again, IDK what the requirements for Diablo 4 are, or what type of computer you have, but I just had a laptop that was just for basic internet/e-mail use and little bit of work stuff, definitely not gaming focused.

    We are similar ages and. as I'm sure you've noticed; video games have changed TONS since we were kids. I don't want to assume anything so I'll put this out there, if you haven't done so already check out Steam ( There are millions of games of all types there that you can download, some free, most you have to buy. They have incredible sales there (seriously, up to 90% off sometimes, and on good games, too, not just the turds). Be careful because it is easy to spend too much money, though. Anyway, have fun!