Better Performance without additional cost

I have a Lenovo Legion with two large fans. When you press fn + q, the fans start for performance. The fan won't be effective unless you tilt the laptop. I used a metal Stapler. Here is the photo. Be careful for plastic/flammable staplers/tilters as laptops get hot. Good Luck Gaming!

  • I didn't know you would have to tilt it   :x

  • I mentioned this in another thread, cooling seems to be an Achilles Heel for Lenovo.  Clever hack to improve the performance of the thermal management system.

  • I've gotten use to tilting laptops over the years. I bought 1" half globes to stick on the back to get some airflow. Use them on most of the laptops I've used. 

  • I put a large bolt under the 4 corners to lift the whole device up for even airflow and fan exhaust.  You'd think laptops would include a little body lifting plastics legs you could pull out to lift it.

  • Haha, love the stapler trick, but mine definitely cools pretty well without propping it up. Might get a cooling pad to keep it even cooler.

  • Great tip. I lift mine by propping up all four corners with small cubed blocks. It definitely helps when I am playing a highly demanding game.

  • I purchased a laptop cooler that has two big fans that blow air up and into the air intake on the base of the laptop.  I found that was the best option.  But I wish I tried your solution first that might have saved me some money. 

  • Thank you for the suggestion.