Great Crafting, Adventure RPGs like StarDew and My time in Portia.

What are your favorite or least pleasing RPG games?    Have you Played Kitaria Fables?   Is it recommended?

  • I plan to try The Forest, The Long Dark, Subnautica, and Medieval Dynasty....    you?

  • V Rising, Valhiem, My time at Sandrock, and Core Keeper

  • Looking for the same. here for the replies! 

  • I enjoyed what I played of My Time at Sandrock.  I'll probably start playing again after it's Full Release.

  • Harvest Moon is a really good one

  • Now playing Subnautica 2.   So far so good except I have to sleep at some point.....

  • I have a running game of the Long Dark now.   It is different but nice.    I think the most difficult part of the game is understanding where you can and can't walk safely.   Bro can sprain a wrist and ankle every day!   Maybe his clumsy butt needs to die!