Survival, Exploring, Space related games requested!

Hi all,

My favorite genre is in the title.

Some games I love playing are:

  • Space Engineers
  • Pulsar
  • Satisfactory
  • No mans sky

(See the theme? lol)

Any other games out there that are similar?

  • Mass Effect Andromeda would be fun for you I think. 

  • Well, it's not exactly the same but Starsector is pretty cool. It is more of an exploration fleet building kind of thing and not first person but the amount of stuff you can do is huge. It has been in development for over 10 years and it is still going strong. It's down but you can build a fleet and create a little empire. It's almost like a 4x game but different. You start with a small fleet then do different things to get money. You start doing cargo or exploration then realize that you make a lot more money smuggling. Then you can start your own colonies on planets and research to get better and better stuff. There really is so much you can do it is hard to do it justice, especially with the ship to ship combat. There are tons of ships and they can all be customized. I heard about it from a SsethTzeentach video and he does a better job than I could. Starsector Review | Explore the CosmosTm | Ruin EverythingTm - YouTube  Also, this game isn't on Steam yet. To order it you have to go to their website

    A game that is similar to Starsector but is still being developed is Star Valor, on Steam. It's more of just flying around your ship and building your fleet. It was developed by one guy from Brazil named Laious, and he is really open to the community. He is always working on it and has plans to expand it. He's working on getting player owned space stations to base your fleet in. Right now, a huge carrier ship is the largest thing you can get but you can visit and fight the NPC stations. There are dozens of hours of stuff to do but not as much as Starsector, but they have over 10 years and 4 more people so it's understandable. The ship selection is fairly large and you can customize them some, but it doesn't really change the look of the ship. I haven't played in a couple of months and there has been a few updates since then so my info might be outdated. This game is one you can hop on for a quick ten minutes or spend a couple of hours on, so it's flexible for time commitment.

    Empyrion: Galactic Survival might be more what you're looking for. I haven't played it but there is a Youtuber named Spanj that has some really long playlists for different builds and mods of this game. You have to harvest materials to craft things that improve your living conditions. The cool thing about these is that you can create your vehicles and bases any way you want, although there are different size ship classes like "Small Vessel" or "Capital Vessel". There are different blocks and parts you use to make your ship look any way you want. There are Star Trek and Star Wars lookalikes, the ship from Firefly and any Sci Fi IP you can think of and most are on the Steam workshop to download yourself. This game's graphics are a bit dated and the combat looks lame (but there are a lot of weapons; personal and vehicle) however, it is still getting regular patches and updates. There is another game called Avorion that looks really similar to this and came out a few months earlier. It also has a higher rating on Steam, but I haven't watched any playthroughs so I don't know much about it. So, if one interests you, maybe check the other out, too. These are both on Steam.

    Hope this helps a little.

  • An older game but really fun is Kerbal Space Program! You can build your own rocket and test it out! It was free on Epic Games, but not anymore but I think it's definitely worth it! 

  • I would recommend Astroneer. I've played it for a long time and loved it, and it fits all of your criteria!

  • Kerbal space program is pretty good but heavy on math-related stuff

  • I would try Astroneer! I really like playing and found it when looking for games like No Mans Sky.

  • I was about say No Man's Sky.. okay, what about Journey to the Savage Planet, Outer World. I believe Starfield is coming out soon too!

  • If you have VR try Red Matter 1 & 2

  • Have you tried "Surviving Mars" ?

  • Autonauts and Learning Factory also good similar.