Cozy Game Suggestions?

Hi! I’ve been having a great time with Disney Dreamlight Valley. I’m coming up towards a lull where I’ve finished most quests. Any suggestions for similar games? I usually only play Sims. Thanks!

  • I'll second Stardew Valley - my brother and his wife absolutely love to play that game together for some relaxing gaming.

  • Definitely stardew valley. When I had covid I sat for a week and that game really got me through it no problem

  • Definitely agree on Stardew Valley.

  • Kingdom of Hearts 3, Stardew Valley, Stray, or one of my favorites Oxenfree.

  • I 2nd My Time in Portia.  Good game, seems geared toward younger players.

  • I really like playing Animal Crossing. I think that is similar to Disney Dreamlight. 

  • Bear & Breakfast. is good

  • I'll second Bear & Breakfast!

  • My time at Sandrock,  Stardew Valley, Bear and Breakfast, and Grow: Song of the Evertree would be my recommendations. 

  • If you have a friend to play with, try kingdom two crowns.