Elderand - A mix of Dark Souls and Hollow Knight (Metroidvania)

Tried out the game Elderand which got released a few weeks ago and now that I beat it 100% I can recommend the game to all fans of metroidavnias and souls games. It's basically a dark souls in 2D but more like a metroidvania with abilities you unlock throughout the game. The game is super punishing, so make sure to dodge away ( you can't I frame dodge through enemies) or use the mighty shield. What makes this game feel like dark souls is the way the combat play sout. You can equip heavier weapons that take far longer so swing than short daggers but deal way more damage in return. The differenc eto normal 2D action games is while swinging your weapon you are vulnarable to any incoming attacks and you aren't able to cancel your attack to dodge an enemy attack. So choose your weapon and when to attack wiesely. The entire game is only about 6-8 hours long depending how familiar you are with such kind of games. Personally I had an amazing time with the game and can't recommend it enough. It certainly deserves much more recognition.