If I like starcraft 1 & 2, wat other games like it?

Wats the best rts games like the starcraft games on pc? Bonus question any best rts for iphone or androids?

  • I am very interested in the answers for your question.   I got nothing but decided to not just say "nice!"  like David H.

  • Have you tried playing warcraft 3?

  • RTS has fallen out of mainstream popularity but looking back you can try Age of Empires IV and looking forward hopefully Dune: Spice Wars will be good

  • Diablo was another great series by Blizzard that i played with Starcraft.

  • any game in the dawn of war series is great

  • I'm a fan of StarCraft as well but I couldn't help you here looking for something similar too maybe try some Diablo?

  • Thx 4 reply but u dont control armys or groups or build stuffs in diablo tho