If You Like Survival Horror, Try The Outlast Trails

A good survival horror game makes the player feel vulnerable and under-armed. You have to rely on your witz to evade enemies instead of depending on offensive strategies. 

The Outlast Trails


The Outlast Trails is an Early Access game recently released by Red Barrels. It is a spin-off of their Outlast series taking place before their main titles that focuses more on a cooperative experience. Instead of trying to frighten players, The Outlast Trails relies on its grotesque and twisted atmosphere to fill the player with dread. This causes the game to sometimes feel more comical when playing with friends since it feels like a bad horror film in all the right ways. The core gameplay is reminiscent of its previous titles that focus on avoiding, running away, and/or hiding from enemies. The only difference is that you now have special tools that can be used to stun enemies, Heal yourself plus allies, see through walls, and blind enemies. It is through these tools that you can develop proper team synergy to tackle every situation. So don't be afraid.  You and your friends have volunteered to be the test subject for Murkoff Corporation. Overcome the trials to earn your freedom.

A few disclaimers I will have to mention is that the game can be played solo or with friends. However, from my experience, I have enjoyed co-op far more than solo. There is also a noticeable lack of accessibility options currently which I find unacceptable for any game in 2023 even if it's an EA. 


  • Ooooh seems like the type of thing I would enjoy