Recommended games like It Takes Two

Hi all!

Looking for any recommendations y'all might have for a game like It Takes Two.  Doesn't necessarily need to have similar art style, but co-op driven story recommendations would be great.  Recently started playing that with a friend of mine and we're having a ball.

Appreciate any recommendations, thanks!

  • Escape academy has good co-op along with a serviceable story! Escape simulator is a solid co-op experience around puzzle solving but no story whatsoever. A way out was also more story driven with some co-op, but a bit less focus on co-op mechanics. We were here is short, but free and a solid play. Can't speak for the sequels though!

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    Awesome! Thank you! We liked Escape Simulator, helps that they drop some random rooms every once in a while so we'll jump back in every now and then.

  • Way Out which is made by same company. Short story but fun and it has a nice twist at the end.

  • I would recommend Unravel 2, Nobody Saves the World, Sacboy A Big Adventure, and Children of Morta. 

  • Another vote for Unravel 2. I really enjoyed playing it through with my spouse. Great graphics and mood, and the puzzles were really fun—often challenging but always solveable. Plus it’s often on sale for cheap.

  • I'm here to boost A Way Out

  • No one seemed to mention the 'we were here' series which is a cooperative narrative puzzle game. A little less minigame/ mario party than ITT but requires both of you to be doing things at the same time to advance the other.

  • two games that i have really enjoyed playing are the Lego skywalker saga and death squared one is 2 player and the other is up to 4 I think