What's your guilty please go-to game?

Hey everyone!

What game do you default back to, play when your bored of that new triple A, and know you can always pass the time away?  

For me I sometimes spend months/years away from my guilty pleasure games, but every once and a while can jump back in and grind out 100 hours no problem! 

My guilty pleasure games have got to be Old School Runescape (OSRS) and the Pokémon main line games!  Both have their own unique style and play systems that have always just clicked with me personally.  I can play OSRS and forget about the worries of the day and lose all sense of time.  The endless grinding and ability to play afk for a lot of it is very helpful when I want to game and also keep up with responsibilities.  The Pokémon games were some of the first video games I ever owned so I think they have that special place in my heart.  When the new main line Pokémon games drop I typically buy right away and grind for some time (scarlet and violet is still not complete though).  These games no matter what are games I can pick up and play at any time and have my gaming itch scratched.

What's your guilty pleasure games?

  • I go back and play the original NES Metroid and Zelda titles pretty regularly (at least once per year). They remind me of what it was that made me fall in love with games to begin with, and I very much enjoy playing through them now and again.

  • I like to play some of the old games from my childhood from time to time. There is a lot of nostalgia with playing the original Super Mario or Tetris.

  • I can spend hours being summoned to help players clear areas or beat bosses in Elden Ring & the Souls/Bourne games. 

  • Out of curiosity, if I haven't played Pokemon since Blue... what game would you recommend for the best turn-based combat combined with graphics? I have a Switch. 

  • I can always go back to runescape and chop trees.  I get something from it and I still dont know what it is lol

  • I'd have to say Half-Life 2.  I know it's an old game, but it is a classic.  If I just need a quick gaming fix I'll fire it up for a few hours.

  • I've been wanting to give Bloodborne a go!  

  • I believe there is a virtual console on the switch for retro games if you want more pokemon.  I've wanted more turn based rpg games too, I do like final fantasy 10 as a turn based combat rpg.

  • Have you tried the new forestry updates?  woodcutting basically got an expansion from this!