Indie game recommendations?

I'm a huge indie gamer, I love cozy games, unique games, addictive games! Do you have any favorite indie gems no one knows about? My fav gem is Melon Journey! I feel like no one talks about this cute RPG with a great sound track. 

  • If memory serves me correct, Melon Journey was one of the Epic Game Store's free giveaways during the holidays. I've yet to play, and now it is in my ever growing backlog alongside Destiny 2, GhostRunner, Ghostwire Tokyo, Sleeping Dogs, and the excellent Yakuza series. So many games but oh so little time.

    The best indie game I can think of is my personal favorite ... Inside

    I know I said this before in another thread, but this game is an excellent underrated game. I couldn't put it down for a couple of days until I finished it.

    Other indie games I can recommend is Yet Another Zombie Apocalypse, Halls of Torment, and everyone loves Hades, although admittedly I've yet to try it.

    It would seem a horrible indie game is forgivable whereas a horrible AAA game ... isn't. Why do you think that is?