Gaming with a partner with different tastes.

I've just recently gotten my wife kinda into pc gaming. She's absolutely obsessed over Stardew Valley right now. It's not my cup of tea, but I love the passion she has for that game. I would love to find something that we can play together every now and then. I'm a pretty standard Chad  when it comes to gaming. Destiny 2, COD, Tarkov, LoL, old school RTS games (Total War, C&C, Warcraft) etc. She doesn't like these types of games as Stardew is her main thing right now, and she grew up on the big console platformers. 
I'm just looking for any suggestions for any game that may bridge our gaming gap. We've played "It takes Two" and loved it! Any other suggestions with our divided interests in gaming? 


  • I was about to suggest It Takes Two! Play A Way Out, it is made by the same game developers. Human Fall Flat, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Portal 2, and a puzzle like Peggle! 

  • Totally paying attention to this thread as I have the same issue with my wife. She's interested in the stories and aesthetics of the games I play, but not the gameplay itself, which makes it tough for us to find common multiplayer ground. Co-op goes over way better than competitive.

  • On top of the excellent titles already mentioned, I would add Unravel 2 as an excellent co-op title... maybe even Untitled Goose Game if you haven't already played through it. Enjoy!

  • Any casual mmo, coop games like overcooked, or family friend style games like mario party/cart should be a good time with others!

  • I understand, My wife likes different games too. I been trying to get her to play games with me, but lately she just play farm games on her phone, yes she play other games as well, but again on her phone. When the Wii was a new thing we play a lot the sport games. I hope some one those a game that we can enjoy together again. The fact is that everyone have different taste in fun, an sometimes it takes a wile before you find a good game you both might enjoy. I will be waiting too. 

  • Was going to come in here and suggest It Takes Two.  The Escape Academy games are pretty easy but fun.  Escape Simulator as well.

  • Playing the same game with your significant other is often... NOT A GOOD IDEA! May end up with more arguments and love-making!

  • Coming up with the right game that you AND your wife may like is actually easier than you might think. Here are some games both of you may enjoy due to your love of COD, Tarkov, and other Chad games, Wink alongside her love of Stardew Valley

    Each of the following games can be played in coop and their openness or longevity

    Have fun. I'm in a similar plight as yourself with my wife. She loves the series of Dragon Quest games.

  • I would go with Human Fall Flat and Untitled Goose Game, which have been said and maybe Moving out , escape simulator, unpacking or Never Alone. Could maybe also look at starbound, feel the snow, or terraria.

  • Tried playing avatar last night.. Meh... snoozefest