Best Adc as of right now

Who is your best adc to use right now in current meta? I've been using jinx mainly because shes always been my fav goto since she came out(iknow theres others thats decent choice)

  • Jinx is my personal favorite as well, but I've seen a lot of Zeri & Draven lately, both of which seem pretty strong!

  • I'm a little more old school so Jinx or Ashe. If you have a friend who is a solid Veigar player, use Ashe... those two together are super fun if you're well-coordinated.

  • I dont play this game, so i dont have anything to say, but there are some great ideas in the comments that I will use when I do get a chance.

  • Mundo is best ADC all days.

  • I feel like the best ADC/APC right now is Seraphine (not joking)
    She is so busted with another cc supp. 

  • You should include the title of the game in your post somewhere! Assuming you mean League of Legends?

  • He posted this in the League of Legends group... So there's a hint...

  • Yeah just came back to this post to correct myself because I realized i'm an idiot. It was on the main community page and I didn't notice it redirected to the LoL group.