What is your favorite RGM? Which previous ones do you miss most?

There have been alot of Rotating Game Modes over the years! Which are your favorites that are still in rotations, and which are ones you want to come back?

For me URF is always my favorite, but If we could bring back any I would definitely choose  Ascension! 

 Legend of the Poro King
 Nexus Siege
 All Random Ultra Rapid Fire
 Hunt of the Blood Moon
 One for All
 Dark Star: Singularity
 Doom Bots of Doom
 Definitely Not Dominion
 Hexakill: Twisted Treeline
 Ultra Rapid Fire
All Random Summoner's Rift
 Nemesis Draft
  • Honestly I miss Twisted Treeline a lot, but I also loved the Odyssey game mode and Nexus Blitz! We need more permanent game modes...

  • I liked URF, the original version of it where you could pick your own characters. ARURF just doesn't have the fun factor because 5 people end up getting characters they don't want and just throwing on purpose.

  • Good game! But I forget it.

  • I do not play this game, but i looked through and overcharge looks the best to use and I would play that if i played the game!

  • I didn't play many of these, but Nexus Siege always was a good time. I liked being dedicated offense/defense.

  • tes s12 champion!