How to win as a top laner? And LOL ranked queuing algorithm.

~90% of the time I win lane/go even, but ~70% of the time bot will lose hard, and I mean HARD. Then their whole team will come top and dive me and etc.

I can't do much for the team before 14 min since I have to be laning with the other top laner, and the only adjacent lane is mid, which is hard to help bc the lane is just too short for top champ ganks. Most of the time I can at most get their flash, but it doesn't seem to help our mid laner much. They don't know to go aggressive and jg won't gank mid even after I ping mid no flash.

Oftenly I help myself to get like a 5/1 KD, but their team will be 12/3 jg, 10/2 bot, 3/0/12 supp, and such. I mean I can win lane (most of the time), but I can't carry a whole freaking team every single game.

I heard riot's current queuing algorithms is like, if you do well in games, they will queue you with those who aren't doing very well. Even if you are ACE for like 3 games in a row and have been playing with 1/24 bot lane every single game, they'll still keep queuing you with that kinda player bc you're doing good (ACE) and they wanna prevent smurfing or w/e reason. 

But, if you hard troll when your team is at disadvantage, int until ur stats is like the worst in your team, riot will quene you with decent/good players because they classify you as those who aren't doing very well. That's just wrong and not fair, and even worse for top lane which already has the least influence on the team. It's making top a disposable lane, and will only encourage smurfing bc top laners like me will start to make new accounts since the current account (ranked) is just not playable anymore.

So, what would you do?

  • I would continue to do the best I can, regardless of the situation.

  • I would continue to do the best I can, regardless of the situation.

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