For The Newbie or Never Played

So here's the thing. I'm generally an RPG person. But I am also looking for something that I can jump into and play. With shorter or limited sessions. Something to do where I don't have to spend three hours wandering around gathering jute. I would kind of like to play League of Legends. But I'm 43, have never played, have no friends that have played and every time I look into playing. I get so intimidated about getting smoked right out of the gate....or laughed at by some 12 year old in Anchorage. So what are some good tips for new players? Somethings I'm curious about: 

Are there specific servers/games where people playing will help you learn?

Is it just as easy to play with keyboard or should I use a controller?

What are some suggestings you have for creating/building a character? Things you need or should have etc.

I'd love any help. Hit the thread up with your thoughts. Thanks!!

  • Yes, please...what's the best way to engage in LoL?

  • I would say just jump in. Even with all of the tips in the world you would only be able to use them by applying. The only way you will get better is by playing.

  • Thanks, this is great info!

  • I love League of Legends! Quite frankly however, the community is one of the most toxic amongst gaming communities.. Consider just muting everyone when the game starts. League is a game that you can play perfectly, but 1 minor mistake will have your team flaming you. There's a joke (but not really) in the community that the best way to climb ranked ELO is to do just that, mute all.. The game in this late stage will be intimidating, due to the immense amount of champs currently available. You don't truly get good at the game until you know how all champs play, so you know how to play with or against them. I suggest starting off by playing the support role. There are a lot of aspects to learn in the game, like last hitting minions, wave management, vision & map awareness to name a few; CSing (Creep Score; personally getting the killing blow on a wave minion, collecting gold towards item purchasing) & learning how to do this will require most of your focus. As a support, you are not last hitting creeps, but instead assisting your ADC (attack damage carry; bot role) & harassing your lane opponents. This will allow you to keep an eye on the mini-map, placing wards & pinging team mates.. Here's my most important tip to help you: Look up and download It is an overlay for your league client with super helpful tools like timers for jungle monsters directly on your mini map, but will also tell you what runes to use during champ select (can import them right into the game once you have rune pages, which I believe is level 10), popular items builds for your champion & my favorite: When the game is loading in, there will be a little open book icon under each champ in your game with tips to either play as, with or against depending on if the champion is one you are playing, on your team or on the enemy team. At first, I would focus on tips for your champion & any lane allies/opponents to keep from overwhelming with information.

  • It's a complex issue with no easy solutions, but I think it's important to work together to find ways to address it.

  • there are no specific servers/games where people help you play.  its all one big server.  there is no controller support you have to use keyboard.  characters (champions) all have different useful items.  the game will tell you which runes are best for you and which items are best for certain situations or against certain champions.  honestly the best thing for you to do is watch some people on Twitch and see a little bit of how it works. and play A LOT of bot games until you feel somewhat comfortable.