Looking to get back into LoL

Who are the main adc and support metas currently?

  • overall, hook + tank supports are meta like naut, blitz, thresh and pyke. so, ads that match with those supports like kai'sa is also meta. otherwise, ashe is really strong in lane and jinx is still good for hypercarrying

  • You will only see three adcs played in ur games for the most part and they are all somewhat broken in their own ways: caitlyn, jhin, and jinx. And from time to time, corki adc which is pretty strong after the buffs. The supports are rlly a mix of enchanter and engage hook supports as mentioned before, nothing special lol

  • Second this.  I main Jinx and am against Caitlyn 60-70% of the time. 

  • Third this. Cait is the most played currently. It’s a fun time to be a cait/jinx main

  • We will be hosting a Legion Community League of Legends game night in the Legion Discord server tonight at 9pm EST for any who would like to join!

    Doing a mix of norms, arams, and even Arena depending on turnout Slight smile

  • Hi James, comments like this disqualify from winning the contest.

  • Jinx and Kai'sa seem like the best atm. I also like hook/tank supports like Naut, Blitz and Leona.

  • Don't do it, your wallet will thank you. But seriously don't do it, especially if you like playing ranked, not worth the stress.