Which team will dominate LCK this season?

Personally, I'm a big fan of T1 (supported them since 2015), but I have to admit that Gen.G has been just undefeatable in LCK recently.

But after the Crit items patch, I think bot carry meta is coming back, which I think should be good for T1's botlane since they have arguably the strongest laning ability.

I thought Peyz and Lehends still needed to work more on laning phase, but after watching them domintate MSI this season, I think their laning phase has also improved very much, so it will be still very difficult for T1.

DK also looks like they could be in good shape, Showmaker def has the talent to win it all like he did in 2020, and this season is gonna be fun after watching KDF just destroying KT Rolsters on their first game, the upper table competition to be qualified for Worlds is really going to be intense.

  • I don’t play but I like Lenovo legion i9’s

  • Gen.G is the favorite in my honest opinion 

  • GENG. I believe in Midbeast this year ... Chovy will NOT go on his Choky arc internationally this year.

  • Gen. G always been scary. T1 is the fan favorite, but the roster is unchanged from previous season. 

  • Gen.G is just on a whole nother level. The only team that can beat them at this point is an LPL team. I don't even think T1 can beat them anymore.

  • I'm going to say Gen.G ..T1 used to be my goto..

  • Still believe T1 is capable of taking top spot but they really need to be on against GenG