Meta Within NA/EU professional play

What are your thoughts on the current League Meta within NA/EU professional play?

  • I currently believe that the league meta is pretty stale within pro play.  Teams/Players tend to stray to the same champions instead of trying to bring out something new?  i understand the whole if its not broken why fix it mentality but if all it takes is just a few bans and your entire playstyle is torn down, don't you think you should have something new that isn't so likely to be banned out?  just trying to gauge other peoples thoughts and opinions on this topic.

  • I gotta think this is a limited sandbox kind of problem. Once you figure out a workaround it gets shut down and it's back to square one. Not sure how you fix that unless you can construct a game with exponentially more permutations and possibilities.

  • No longer following!  to much of a pain.

  • Very uninteresting group.  Linda stale

  • I have to agree with a lot of the comments already posted.  I just don't find any reason to follow any of it. Stale seems to be the keyword that fits.

  • Just not fun to watch. Stale is an understatement. It is so drab that iI can't focus on it for more than a few minutes.

  • Outside of a few teams, most teams are unwilling to break the mold since there's no proven record of success outside of the main meta picks(cough zeri + enchanter, maokai, etc.). Feels a little stale, but understandable that many players are risk averse under high pressure stakes.


  • i mainly solo cant play farm with other ppl around

  • I've not followed esports at all.