Favorite Champions for each role. 11.6

Hi! I'm Instinct, and I'll be making a few weekly or patch specific posts here when new things come into league.  

To start this off we'll be doing a patch specific favorite champions in each role and my reasoning. This will include champion, items that go with them, and their best runes. 

Top lane

Sylas: Currently the answer to top lane powerhouses such as Gnar, Chogath, Malphite, and even akali.

His current best setup looks a little like this


Hecarim: The overall BEAST in the jungle. This champion does it all, great engage, disrupt, damage, tank, you name it.

His current best setup looks a little like this

Mid lane

Sylas: Currently the answer to midlane as well. This champ is the perfect flex pick for either role

(the only thing changing here is fleet footwork instead of conq for midlane matchups)


Jhin: What a beautiful picture this man paints in the botlane. Strong laning, ranged far enough for you to position safely in team fights and can you say DAMAGE!?

His current best setup looks a little like this


Galio: The unstoppable flex support pick. This champion can also do multiple roles, but his presence for team fights, roams, and scuttle fights is unstoppable in the support role.

His current best setup looks a little like this

  • Awesome post! Sylas does seem to be popping up more in my games lately... I guess everfrost really helped him?

    Have you seen him go jungle at all?

  • He actually got buffed. And no I haven't seen him in jg cause I think he fairs better in lanes.

  • Let's see. In the current patch my favorite champs are Anivia, zac, and twitch. After that everfrost Cho game though i may be thinking of adding him to the list. 

  • Galio is still the best Support Slight smile

  • New Xin Zhao is actually pretty nice, have you tried him yet?

    The new W range > E dash is nuts, I caught a lot of people off guard with how big the engage range is for him now. With hail of blades too you can proc the knockup super quickly.

  • Very insightful post! Thanks for sharing