After C9 vs FLY series, do you think C9 have a real chance at MSI?

After watching the game today, I think C9 has a real chance at MSI, at least top 4. Their draft was very good, their macro was always on point and their team-fight was executed perfectly. FLY is not an easy opponent and C9 wiped the floor with them. What are your opinions?

  • I think C9 has a real chance

  • Cloud9 (C9) has been performing well recently, especially in the LCS Spring Split 2021. They have shown a strong understanding of macro play, solid team coordination, and flexible drafting. These are all essential elements for success in international competitions like MSI. However, the competition at MSI is always tough, and anything can happen in a game of League of Legends. So, while C9 may have a good chance at a top-four finish, nothing is certain in esports.

  • That's the most obvious ChatGPT answer I have ever seen lol. Once you use the software, you kind of start seeing a pattern.

  • after watching the C9 VS FLY series, yes i really thought they had a chance at MSI UNTIL they played GG.  GG found ways to play around them and it could have gone to game five if not for one team fight that turned it around for C9.  i think they'll still perform as they usually always do at international events but i think GG could surprise some people as well.