Any tips for a Jungler trying to hit Platinum? Duo partner?

Hey Guys!

Just joined this group. I am a jungle main currently playing Sejuani and Olaf. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me with ganking. What lanes should I focus on this patch? And at what point do I stop going to a lane because they are so far behind?

I am currently Gold 2 trying to climb to Platinum (at least). If anyone wants to duo, my game name is Schleprock (NA). Just reply with your name so I know to accept the friend request.

Thanks guys!

  • It's always bot lane as the focus. That being said moreso than anything it'd be best to go over your vods and see where you died and why you died and how you can avoid that if possible. Some deaths are good, but in general you can probably improve just by eliminating mistakes.

  • True ^ always try to prioritize botside and getting the adc as fed as possible, and if that doesn't work out early, focus-gank the lane that has an early lead, be it top, mid or botside. The goal is to get the lane that is already winning matchup/lane even more fed to snowball and take over the game.

  • As Sejuani and Olaf, you have strong crowd control abilities that can set up successful ganks.