LoL What's yalls favorite skin, what skin would you like to see?

Tell us about your favorite skin / skin storyline.  


a storyline idea you might have. 

  • I'm thinking my fav storyline is Project. 

  • Mech is another good one.  Did they ever fix the issues with Mech Rengar?  I heard somewhere that it was clunky or something.  I dont play Rengar enough to know. Stuck out tongue

  • Yes! Orange Essence!

  • Elderwood skins have been my favorite.

  • yes, Elderwood is another great line.

  • My favorite skin is my glorious pax twisted fate, been having it forever and its one of the most rarest skins in the game.

  • ah, the Pax skins are awesome.  The TF Pax IS a rare.  Awesome skin my lucky friend. :)

  • How about this Jhin chroma stuff? The summoner icon recolor is crazy!

  • Crickets (chirp, chirp)

    It's gone cold Jim...