Should I play?

I've heard about League of Legends, but never played it. Should I play? Is it good? I'm curious. 

  • You should! But I recommend playing in a group of 5 if possible!

    League is way more fun that way, plus you can avoid any toxic teammates that unfortunately are part of the deal sometimes. If you have a good group of newbies/veterans and just have fun learning the gameGrin, it's incredibly fun Grin 

    Feel free to add me if you're on NA! ign is Ben Franklin 

  • Thank you. I will consider doing so.

  • Hi, 

    Ben is right, better if you will be playing with someone you know so they can assist you. Don`t get discourage if you don`t do well at first. The more you learn the game, the more you will enjoy it.

  • Don`t get discourage if you don`t do well at first

    It will take time to learn even if you group up with some experienced players.  I might also add to watch some YouTube videos to understand some of the lingo  ("last hit", "feeding", "ADC", "AOE", "Lane freeze", etc.) and basic strategy.   Have fun!

  • If you're playing solo, mute everyone to save yourself the heart attack. People can be very cruel.