LCS 2024

Hey Everyone! I wanted to ask all of you what do you think about the LCS now that MarkZ is the commissioner. I honestly feel sad that it is just 8 teams now, but I am really enjoying the content of the LCS again. The content, the teams, the competition and that is played on live patch. What does everyone else think?

  • I hope it get better every single time.

  • I think he's doing a great job! I LOVE that they're playing on the live patch now, honestly I think all regions should do that. Way more exciting to watch as a player although I'm sure pros have mixed feelings about it. Plus weekend timing is much much better

  • I think he's doing a stellar job. And I believe the viewership is up as well.

  • It's clear that the LCS has been putting more effort into producing engaging content for fans, which can enhance the overall viewing experience.