How are we liking Smolder?

He seems to scale like crazy but is weaker early game. I really dig the champion design. What do you think?

  • If ur an ADC, you probably hate the fact that he has one of the weakest early games against so many meta lane dominating ADCs. There are certain runes and builds you can go that can maximize his poke potential (Arcane Comet for ex.) but as a midlaner myself, I like the shojin/bruiser variant build a lot. Health scaling, get the execute stats mid-late game, and its almost always a free win if you play team macro well.

  • I like him overall! I don't play ADC but it doesn't feel terrible to play against him, nothing super annoying in his kit IMO. Also very popular champ, seen a LOT of him being picked in games which is a good sign for the playerbase overall

  • Champions like this typically start off weaker in the early stages of the game but become increasingly stronger as they accumulate items and levels.