Tips for getting started with TFT

anyone got tips for getting started with tft, i feel like people go a broken build or set but i cant seem to figure out how.

  • Would love to see tips for LoL. I'm just starting so I can use any tips for the game in general haha. It's much different than DOTA 2, compared to what I imagined!

  • I also want to know this, I've been tempted to try and get back into TFT - haven't played since the first season lol

  • There's many different sites that tell you what "tier" certain characters are, and if they're a carry or a tank and what sort of items you should throw on them. for example lists characters individually with recommended items, or you can search for teams, or just look at what "tier" an item is.

    Typically, people try to get one of the better carries as quickly as possible with at least 1 item that is essential on it, and then they build the rest of their team around the carry. The sooner you get the strongest carries, the higher your chance of getting a 2* and win streaking which can often carry you through to first place.

    Rule of thumb is, you want AT LEAST 1 tanky character with at the bare minimum a sunfire cape for armor+health and a healing debuff since a lot of comps run Bloodthirster right now, the earlier you get tank items the stronger they are since carries don't get super strong until you start to see tier 3-4 carries hitting 2* and 2 items. You often decide your carry based on what offensive items you get and who you can pull early on, the rest is mostly just trial and error. Maybe you don't want to run the S tier team comps because they're heavily contested and you find a nice comfortable team you like? Knock yourself out and try new things, it's just a time killer in the end anyways.