How do people feel about the upcoming RP price adjustments?

  • Oooooof I didn't know this was a thing... that's gonna be rough considering pretty much every skin is at least 1350rp now. So basically you have to buy $11 instead of $10 to get a new skin at minimum, not even including chromas and borders/etc....

  • Riot has been increasingly become greedier and greedier all the time. Personally have not bought RP in over 2 years and don't plan to ever again

  • If you have PC Game Pass, aren't all heroes included or is that only for Xbox?

  • Looks like RP is just adding to inflation like most everyone  else...  Hope we find a way to get inflation back under control worldwide.

  • All champs, but I don't think that's actually live on game pass yet. It also doesn't include skins!