AFMF Working on Portrait Screen

First... don't get to excited. AFMF is NOT working on the Legion Go ... yet! However I did stumble upon something in the Legion Go Reddit that is giving me hope for AFMF working on a portrait screen... hopefully soon! The device below, the OneXPlayer 2 Pro is shown to utilize AFMF. The device has a native portrait screen much like the Legion Go!

Apparently, according to the Legion Go Reddit post, the OneXPlayer 2 Pro is also a portrait display panel 

I had no idea the OneXPlayer 2 Pro is another PC Gaming Handheld using a portrait display, the following below proves it indeed is, as seen below with a YouTuber attempting to install HoloISO. (witness the native portrait mode below)

The entirety of the video above is unimportant. It is only illustrative the OneXPlayer 2 is a native portrait display much like the Legion Go. And when considering the first video, it is illustrative of the fact an OEM has evidently been able to get AFMF working on their device.



However, temper that excitement while being a realist and optimistic! The keen eye will notice something in the first video I linked above... AFMF is shown working on the OneXPlayer 2 due to enabling the feature using the standard AMD drivers!

Let's hope our Legion Go will in the near future be able to utilize AMD's standard drivers as well.

  • I think this is one of these Chinese brands that are using a middleware chip at hardware level in order to translate the resolution into something that AFMF can play nice with.


    That is what I've heard too... So unluckily that doesn't mean anything for the Go...


    That is what I've heard too... So unluckily that doesn't mean anything for the Go...

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