Legion Go Update 04.09.2024

Hi Everyone, 

Wanted to give you a heads up that the next Legion Space Update (1.0.2.[8 or 9]) will be rolled out to everyone very soon.

It will include:

  • New controller (0240401A) and main unit (0240403A) firmware
  • Button Mapping support (found in Controller->Button Mapping->Edit)
    • Ability to add/edit layouts for Game Pad and FPS mode
    • Ability to remap almost every button to controller buttons, mouse buttons, keyboard keys, and key combinations
    • You can then change button mapping profiles from the right menu to any you have previously created/edited
  • Charge limiting option (General-> Optimize battery charging)
    • Charge limit is set to 80% (+/- 5%) which is the best setting to prolong the life of the Legion Go Battery
  • Added Alt+Esc to the quick settings menu
  • Added a Link in the right menu help section that directs to the Legion Go community forum
  • Driver updates were optimized a bit and now list some of the currently installed versions.
  • Optimized the FPS limiter control, it is now fully customizable on a single sliding scale to any value between 30 and 144
  • Added a notification that the FPS limiter will be disabled when RSR is in use
  • Optimized controller plug/unplug notifications
  • Fixed an issue where the Legion L/R key were being invalidated under admin accounts in windows

Some of these will need to be further optimized/improved in future updates but should serve as a good foundation in the mean time.

Future improvements will likely include the ability to map the Xbox key, and per-game profiles (though you can name a profile for a specific game and switch to it manually already).  These updates, like the one above, will also take quite a while.

The next two major priorities will focus on a UI overhaul and structural adjustments as well as better Gyro implementation.

VGA driver update should be coming relatively soon as well, path to resolve the current bug that is gating the release has been identified, need to fix and test and then will release.

As we chart the course for the future of Legion Go, I want to share a personal update with you. While I care about and am deeply appreciative of this community, my direct involvement in product development (and thus my ability to advocate on your behalf) has been reduced. This is due in part to a strategic decision to leverage a broader array of feedback channels. However, please know that your voices and perspectives remain invaluable to our team, and there are systems in place to ensure that customer feedback continues to shape the evolution of Legion Go. Your engagement has been, and always will be, a driving force behind our innovation.




Disclaimer: The details provided herein are intended as a courtesy update and do not serve as a binding commitment or warranty. Lenovo cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the information and reserves the right to modify product and service plans at any time. We are not liable for reliance on the projected timelines or features, which are subject to change based on various business needs and product development considerations.

  • Hi Ben thanks for the update. For the button mapping are we going to be able to make a button turbo? Thank you.

  • Hi Ben thanks for the update. For the button mapping are we going to be able to make a button turbo? Thank you.

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