AMD Chipset not updating

Just wondering if anyone is experiencing issues updating the chipset drivers (version, released on December 13, 2023).

Legion Space shows this driver as needing to be updated. I initially did the update through Legion Space, but upon reboot, the same driver was still pending.

Then, I went directly to the webpage and attempted the update, which seemed to be completed. However, upon checking Legion Space again, it still shows the update as needed.

Can anyone please explain how to check if the update is already installed? Can I check in the Device Manager or something like that?


  • same exact thing is happening to me. I update it  through Legion space then upon restart it still says I need to update it. 

  • Same here. I was told to check version under apps in settings but it doesn’t show up there either. Not sure what to do

  • I thought that there was a new version after the ones released on December 13 but I could be wrong. Anyway, you can check the adrenaline software to see what version you have. The device manager should tell you as well. 

  • Adrenaline seems to show the GPU drivers, but I don't see where to check the chipset.

    Under the driver update of the Legion space, I see 50916731 available to be updated, and the current one is 11012, so at least Legion space is reporting the old driver. I haven't been able to figure out how to confirm whether the chipset is updated or not. Could be really not updated, or not being reported coprrectly 

  • Oh I see what you're saying if I'm thinking correctly. If you go into the adrenaline software I believe there is something under settings or preferences I forget which tab but there's a drop-down box that shows all of the informatin for the driver

  • I checked that earlier it still didn’t show chipset driver version or dates 

  • Noted Nick, just ifnished checking, 

    As Robert said (still wanted to reply and chime in) it will not show the chipset, I do see other "stuff" like vulkan this and that, but not the chipset.

  • I'm having this issue too

  • Okay, here are the steps on how to check if an update is installed or not:

    1. Download the update from the Lenovo webpage under the drivers section.

    2. Instead of installing the update, extract it to a known location.

    3. Open the setup.bat file using Notepad.

    4. Remove the "echo off" line.

    5. Add the following line at the end:


    timeout /t -1


    This will prevent the CMD from closing once the update is completed.

    6. Run the setup.bat file.

    You will see the following message if the files are already updated:



    Adding driver package: amdsfhumdf.inf

    Driver package added successfully. (Already exists in the system)

    Published Name: oem22.inf

    Total driver packages: 1

    Added driver packages: 0