AFMF Working (Mileage Will Vary) with AMD Driver 24.3.1

Sideload at your own risk.

AFMF is working on the two games I have tested, Assassin's Creed Mirage and Red Dead Redemption 2. I have found it to be a recurring theme that different things can deactivate AFMF while you are in-game. For instance, pressing the right or left Legion Go buttons.

To add the AFMF mojo back sometimes it takes toggling the (Windows key + D key) or/and toggling the (Alt key + Z key).

The “frame generation lag” metric will populate, with a number vice "N/A" in the AMD overlay when AFMF is working.

Also, in in AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition add visibility to the statistics and overlay; enabling it to show the “frame generation lag” stats when you press (Alt+Z) in-game.

This is a continuation of:

 AFMF Working on Portrait Screen 

I credit Péter B. for pointing out to me that AFMF is now working.

I would also like to personally thank Ben for his Tenacious dedication to all of us Go Gamers!

  • Hi  ,

    as AFMF still was working for me with the sideloaded drivers I had, I also recognized activating the frame limiter once broke my ability to use AFMF completely... This might still be the case, but mWinkht have also changed by now. Just be carefull with it WinkSweat smile.

    Thanks a lot for writing down already just activating the Legion buttons would deactivate it. Those infos are really valuable WinkThumbsupThumbsup

  • Seems like it's working for me as I can not see any stuttering or anything. I don't use the fps counter or any of that info you guys talk about. If I see that a game is running good with only a few tiny hiccups then it ok with me. Plus I like to see the entire screen when I play without the cos counter and stats window

  • wow didn't even know this was possible, so amazing

  • When using AFMF with games that support FSR 2, some great results can be achieved on the Go. I have been playing at 1280x800 at high and above settings using both of the aforementioned technologies in tandem. I usually set FSR to quality and and may tweak some graphics settings trying to keep my 99 percentile FPS above 50.

  • That sounds fairly decent!

  • Thank you for the info.

  • Hi  ,

    how did it work quality wise with turning both on at the same time?

    As I was trying it with Baldur's Gate 3 I experienced a really strong quality decrease with combining both techniques.

    And with that game especially by combining them at 800p I only got a 5 to 10 FPS increase, letting me decide to use only one or the other.

    I need to say the FSR 2 implementation in tgis game is really outstanding and it also offers a very high quality mode which is selectable which actually looks better then the native image and I would recommend this over AFMF for this game.

    For other AAA games I just turned on AFMF only and was quite happy with higher fps at mid quality.

  • I still haven't played any games yet after downloading 24.3.1 amd drivers and the way you guys are talking sounds promising. Just so I understand you guys correctly you enable AFMF in adrenaline and FSR in the actual game correct? I'm going to try this with Helldivers 2 later tonight.

  • AFMF in Adrenalin yes, FSR in-game yes.

  •  ,   and   is there any downside to using the AMD drivers instead of the Legion Go drivers? Specifically, is there a downside in other games regardless of using AFMF?

    Before the previous 3 days, I admit I had not considered installing the AMD drivers. Thank you gentlemen for being informative on AFMF working... in a sense.