Optimized Charging

So it doesn't seem to work for me. Have the optimized charging enabled and battery went above 80%. Anyone else have this issue?

  • Mine is working fine. Perhaps try resetting the BIOS to default. Then make the changes you need to for UMA and other settings then try.

  • Is your BIOS on gaming.lenovo.com/.../legion-go-update-03-13-2024

    It even discharge to 80% when you turn it on w/ 100% and wall plugged.

  • I had the exact same issues as you,

    Regardless of the device being powered on or off, I went over 80%, to actually 100%.

    I did reset the BIOS to default and did not fix it.

    I then uninstalled legion space (restarted) and downloaded the latest one from the Lenovo web page (restarted 2 times due to install process), and that solved the issue for me.

    In between any of the above steps I tested IDLE in windows, playing games, connected and disconnected from the power brick, then reconnecting, all I'm saying I attempted to have this tested in a multitude of ways, it always charged above 80%.

    As of writing this post, since re-installing legion space, I started with a batt of 89%, and I am currently connected to the power brick, basically typing this message, and the batt is draining now sitting at 85%, so the device is discharging, which did not happen before.

    So, for me, the solution is uninstall / reboot in between removing / adding legion space.

  • Thanks for sharing, helpful information.

  • check settings, maybe unplug and replug. or restart system

  • I can confirm that even powered down and connected to power brick, charge did not increase from 80%

    So give the uninstall/ install a try...

  • Resetting the BIOS or restarting a few times.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried resetting the bios and that actually seems to have worked for me. I was about to reinstall Legion Space, but looks like i shouldn't have to. Battery is holding at 80% as of now.  

  • Haven't had this issue but understand the frustration. Definitely a great selling feature Lenovo has carved out for their community.

  • Not heard of this before you mate.