EGPU or turn it in a cloud streaming device

Hi everyone,

I wanted to gather people's thoughts on this. I'm looking to turn the legion go into my main computer, as my old gaming laptop is now getting outdated. I plan mostly to play video games, but also day to day tasks. Those video games being quite intense, with modern triple AAA.

I have already acquired a docking station, along with a monitor but I'm on the fence on which route to do to make it a more powerful device. Buy a EGPU to buff the graphical power, but I'm unsure on which to avoid bottlenecking. 

Or turn the device into a streaming device, using services such as Nvidia geforce now ultimate, so I don't have to worry about local hardware factors. 

Curious if anyone else has turned there legion go into either of the above?

  • I looked at geforce now, but it didn't have all the games I want to play. The library is to small in my opinion. 

    No Elden Ring, Lies Of P or Sekiro.

    So I got myself an EGPU.

    I have a old desktop pc, so the Go in combination with the EGPU is also my desktop replacement.

  • Hi   With an eGPU you would have definetly a way lower delay, and clearer graphics with no compression artifacts. (But lower graphics settings in general). In my experience from about 1,5 to 2 years ago the picture quality of Geforce Now was really bad compared to a native picture on your owned hardware at home, but it might have become better in the meanwhile.

    -> I would recommend an eGPU. Unluckily I have too less experience with it to really be able to recommend you a direct model. I just saw many having several hardware issues with the Razer Case for eGPUs...

    If you want to keep a handheld as your main computer in the future too and you don't matter too much if it is mobile, to stay flexible I would recommend to buy an external case with both usb-c and Oculink connectors, and to use a full sized Desktop graphics card inside of it. For playing at 1080 p with the Legion Go I would recommend a Radeon 7600, or a 7600 xt as already the 7600xt is being capped in speed by the 40 GBit speed limit of the USB-C 4 standard.

    -> In any way don't forget to buy a possibly short and good usb-c cable expicitely supporting 40 GBit and don't spare on it as it is essecial to have a good connection.

  • Which EGPU did you go with? And how has it been

  • Yeah that does make sense.

    They have since release day passes, so I may get a day pass and see how it is. 

    In regards to the egpu, I'm very unsure which to get if I decide to go that route. Ideally, I would love one where it's in a enclosed portal case that I can I just hook up on the go if this makes sense, but again I'm unsure which and which will not cause bottleneck.

  • I got the Onexgpu. 

    Its a nice and portable GPU.

    If you like I could check some framerates. 

    I have gamepass ultimate, so enough games to test it out on. 

    At the moment I'm only playing Elden Ring and Cyberpunk. 

    I had to buy a different thunderbolt 4 cable, because the the cable it came with is pretty short and I had some stutters once in a while. The cables from aliexpress sucked so I got a Belkin 2m cable for €60,-. No stutters with that cable. 

    The *** thing isn't cheap. 

  • Nice!

    Yeah what sorta frames you getting? 

    I love the idea of sitting at a desk, getting nice FPS on games with this EGPU, than if I don't want to sit at the desk, I can just bring the egpu with me to wherever without carrying a case around. 

  • I play cyberpunk on 1440 p (integer scaling and FMF on ultra settings.

    Im constantly on 70 to 100 frames a second 

  • Elden Ring I play with amd super resolution (no integer scaling) on 1440p highest settings. 

  • I've recently sold my Razer Core X with RTX4070 TI Super as some games were great (Cyberpunk 4K Path Tracing highest settings) and some were dire (Dragons Dogma 2, Dead Space Remake, Jedi Survivor). Constantly having to juggle installing and unistalling drivers, freezing, crashing....It took the fun out of it. I also have Geforce Now Ultimate. 4k 120 hz on my TV, or highest refesh on Legion Go. Highest settings on everything, and no slow down or lag whatsoever. I do have 1gb broadband so can't comment on any lower speeds.